Episode 13 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

I want to do an in depth investigation of Ogopogo, sir,” said Kyle.

Well, that topic will be a challenge. It’s been quite well researched already. And as you probably already know, or will quickly find out ,the scientific community as a whole does not take the study of sea serpents and lake monsters very seriously. What they want to see is a captured live specimen,” said the professor taking a few quick puffs from his pipe.

But how about you, Dr. Phelge? Do you believe that Ogopogo could exist in Lake Okanagon? asked Kyle.

Not only could, it does. But there is more than one Ogopogo in Lake Okanagan. There needs to be a whole family of them to keep reproducing,” said Lionel taking a thirsty gulp from his glass of beer.

How can you be so sure that Ogopogo exists?” asked Kyle lighting up a Player’s Extra Light cigarette.

One of these days I’ll tell you, but not today. I have to build up some trust in you first,” said the professor flicking a small ash from his tweed sport jacket.

So how are you planning to go about your research? You can find quite a bit of information on the internet alone. There’s reported sightings, a blurry picture or two and an amateur video, I seem to recollect.”

No, professor. I’m getting a group of students together to plan and execute a search for Ogopogo,” said Kyle boldly.

You sure have ambition, son, but do you have any idea how much something like this might cost? Not to mention the amount of man hours required, “ said the professor trying hard not to show any interest in this project. The truth was that Dr. Lionel Phelge was already getting excited about Kyle’s plans.

I fully realize that this will be a massive undertaking but I’m hoping to put together a crew that will be up to the challenge.” said Kyle.

But how about the money? Do you have any idea what an expedition like this might cost. The first thing you and I need to do is make a list of all the crew members, divers, and specialized staff that we will need. Then we have to find out what it would cost to rent some boats and some video and audio equipment.”

So you’re going to join our expedition, Dr. Phelge?” asked Kyle unable to contain his excitement.

Hold on. All I’m saying now is that I’m willing to help you with the planning.”









 ImageOgopogo, new fiction by Ken David Stewart, lake monsters


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