Eye Trouble

Eye Trouble

The reason that I have not been able to do any writing or episodes of What’s Up? is that approximately two weeks ago I began losing vision in my left eye. The first symptom I noticed was a substantial increase in the amount of floaters in my field of vision. Floaters are little black spots that move around your field of vision and will almost drive you up the wall. I, foolishly decided to try to ignore this symptom.

I decided that I should seek immediate medical attention when I awoke one morning to find that all I could see out of my left eye was a black cloud. I called my optometrist for an emergency appointment. When the eye doctor examined my eye she diagnosed a detached retina and phoned the hospital to get my eye looked at by a surgeon.

The surgeon made the same diagnosis as my optometrist ( a detached retina).At or around 6:00 PM. , I went into the operating room for surgery on my left eye. I was given a local anesthetic and was conscious during the whole surgery.

I did not experience much pain after the surgery. The worst part was receiving the news that I would need to keep my head down for ten days. When I arrived home I found that complying with this post-operative instruction was very difficult. I think most people would if they could imagine staring at your feet for twenty-four hours per day. Fortunately, my wife was very attentive to my personal care and reminded me when I didn’t have my head down. It was a physically difficult time for me but God did bring some good out of the situation. Martha and I got to spend a lot of time together and grew closer as a couple.Image


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