Episode 21 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

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Blake Riley’s file sharing business could pretty much run itself. He was now in a financial position to be able to afford a business manager and several employees. This left Blake with a lot of free time to pursue his own interests.

He read books voraciously. Recently he was reading numerous books on cryptozoology. His readings led him to videos on the paranormal that were of great interest to Blake.

Blake had become quite the student of The Roswell Incident that allegedly occurred in New Mexico in 1947. He had read the literature both for and against the reality of The Roswell Incident and had come to an unshakeable belief that a space ship that originated from outside the earth had crashed in New Mexico. Official government explanations of a weather balloon did not make much sense to Blake. Why would the US military send in its troops to gather up the broken pieces of a weather balloon? Why would the air force threaten residents that if they ever told what they saw, they would be killed?

Blake even believed the stories about alien bodies being found at one of the crash sites.

Blake also believed in the existence of Bigfoot. One of his business associates had told him about a close encounter he had with Bigfoot when he was on a camping trip in Oregon. Every time Blake ran into this man he would ask him to describe his encounter in more detail. Blake found that his business associate was becoming more and more reticent to talk about the incident. Any time that he did tell his story of the encounter he would get choked up and his voice would crack.

The type of cryptozoology that Blake found the the most interesting were the reports of Lake monsters and sea serpents. He had studied the case of The Loch Ness Monster in great detail. Blake had even taken two trips to Scotland to look for the beast. Although he didn’t see the mysterious animal he had a chance to talk to a few of the local residents who claimed to have seen it. Blake was over joyed when he learned that Canada had at least three potential cousins of The Loch Ness Monster. These were Champ from Lake Champlain, Manipogo from Manitoba and Ogopogo from British Columbia.


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