Episode 24 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

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Dr. Lionel Phelge had just got out of bed on a Thursday morning. As usual he was feeling groggy due to drinking a couple of shots of Southern Comfort along with takin the zopiclone medication that his doctor had prescribed to help Lionel sleep as he went through his grieving process over his loss of Edith.

For the first half hour upon awakening Lionel felt like he was trying to navigate a ship through some heavy fog. In a robot like fashion Lionel got the coffee maker set up and poured himself a large glass of water. It was time for Lionel to take his morning medications. The older that Lionel got the more meds got added to his list. He took Proscar for his enlarged prostate. He had an uncle who died from prostate cancer. He also took enalapril and a water pill for his high blood pressure. For the painful arthritis in both his knees and his back, the professor took Tylenol 3 three times daily. He was also prescribed a cocktail of antidepressants by his psychiatrist. These included cymbalta, prozac and amitryptiline. The amitryptiline also helped with his back pain and his trouble falling asleep at night. As Lionel did not respond as well as expected by his current regimen of antidepressants, his psychiatrist added the anti psychotic med, Abilify as an adjunct. Likely due to the large number of pills that Lionel took he found himself feeling excessively sleepy during the day time. A few months ago he went for a sleep study at the hospital. Lionel’s sleep was monitored all night while he was hooked up with electrodes. During the next day he was asked to take short naps every hour to check for other possible sleep disorders.

Approximately, a week after the sleep study Lionel had another appointment to meet with a sleep disorder specialist. The sleep doctor informed Lionel that he definitely had the condition known as sleep apnea. This was to be expected as Lionel was about eighty pounds overweight. The doctor also told Lionel that the daytime sleep study showed inconclusive results but that she could not rule out the possibility of narcolepsy. The appropriate treatment plan that the doctor selected was that Lionel use a CPAP machine when he went to bed at night. She also prescribed the stimulant medication Ritalin for use during Lionel’s waking hours. Lionel now had so many medications to take that he put all his medications in a little blue travel bag.

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