Episode 29 0f The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Next Scene:

After two long days of traveling, John, Ryan and Stephanie finally arrived at Aunt Meg’s place in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Well, we made it here in one piece,” said John. “I told you that the old Taurus would get us here.”

Yep, miracles do happen,” said Ryan grinning.

Aunt Meg owned a large beautiful house that resembled a log cabin. It reminded Stephanie of the main lodge at Camp Woodlands. There would certainly be plenty of room for everyone. The house was surrounded by trees on all sides except for the gravel road that led to it. The place was very peaceably secluded with Lake Okanagan was very close by.

Meg heard the car coming and was already outside waiting to greet the family. The two dogs, Scruffy and Skippy leaped out of the car and ran up to greet Meg. They were both friendly dogs that like people.

You’re just in time for lunch,” said Meg.”You guys must be both hungry and exhausted.”

We haven’t been eating very healthy food the last couple of days,” said John. John, Stephanie and Ryan all loved junk food.

Yeah, you should see our dad on car trips. He drives ten to twelve hours per day with very few pit stops,” said Stephanie.

That’s right. Dad just stops for gas and we run into the convenience store to buy potato chips, chocolate bars, coffee and soft drinks. Around suppertime he’ll stop at some hamburger place along the way to have dinner,” said Ryan.

It sounds like your dad hasn’t changed at all. That’s exactly how I remember it when I went on road trips with him,” said Meg.“Which hotel did you stay at overnight?”

Motel 6,” said John.

That’s just like you,too. John. Always trying to save a buck,” said Meg.

That’s right. I’m not making the type of coin I used to when I was teaching public school full time,” said John. “Subbing pays poorly and writing fiction pays worse.”

I thought you told us that your cousin Ronnie left you a substantial inheritance,” said Ryan.

It was a pretty large chunk of money but I didn’t win the lottery. I’ll need to use some of the inheritance money to pay the bills that my subbing and writing efforts don’t cover,” John answered.











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