Month: January 2013




Yesterday evening I had an interesting telephone conversation with my mother in law. She was asking how I was coping with some of my health issues. Recently, my most challenging health issue has been the loss of vision in my left eye due to a detached retina. I told her that either my vision was starting to slowly improve or I was just getting used to the way my eyes now function.

Whichever is true, I am grateful. The situation could have been a lot worse. I could have lost vision in both eyes. At first I was wondering what God was doing in my life. I said to God, “ Don’t I have enough handicaps already? Do I really need one more disability to add to my collection?”

In the past two months I have had to make some adjustments to my daily routines as a result of my loss of vision. I have had to train my eyes to see in a new way. This has been frustrating but I knew I had a decision to make. I could sit around and have a pity party over the loss of vision in my left eye or I could get off my butt and find out what things I could still accomplish. To my delight I discovered that I could still do most of the things I was doing before as long as I made the proper adjustments. I am still believing God for a complete restoration of my vision, but until this manifests I am learning how to cope.

God’s way of healing is often a process. The full manifestation of the healing does not appear immediately after someone prays for us. It could take several months for a full recovery. As Christians we often get healing and miracles mixed up. If the manifestation of the healing occurs right away this is a miracle. If it is a process and takes time it is a healing.

The Lake Demon Episode 39

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Blake Riley got out of his chair to get himself another Heineken. He turned towards Daniel, his personal bodyguard and said. “Do you think any of the crew from the Champ project might be interested in another exploration?”

For Champ?” asked Daniel looking at his boss quizzically.

No this time it will be an expedition in search of Ogopogo,” replied Blake.

If the money was right they probably would. National Geographic paid them very generously for their time and efforts.”

That wouldn’t be an issue. I can pay them much better than National Geographic did. Where can I get hold of the crew?”

I still keep in touch with the owner of the boat we used. The other crew come from all over the world but he may know how to get in contact with them.”

Starting tomorrow Daniel that’s your first duty. I want you to phone your friend and get some leads on how to contact the rest of the crew. I’ll be working in my office all day tomorrow so you’ll have plenty of time to make phone calls. If I need any additional security for tomorrow I’ll hire some extra staff.”

Are you serious boss? Do you really want me to make those phone3 calls tomorrow?”

I’ve never been more serious,” replied Blake Riley.


The Lake Demon Episode 37

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Ryan and Monique jogged close to each other as they were both in good physical condition. After about five minutes had elapsed Monique glanced to her right to take a look at Lake Okanogon. About fifty metres away she saw a large object moving in the water. It’s shape appeared to be cylindrical and its color was black. To Monique it appeared to be a living creature and was definitely not a boat. Monique stopped jogging abruptly and turned to Ryan. “Look Ryan. What’s that in the lake?”

Ryan stopped running and turned his head to look toward the lake. “I’m not sure, but it’s definitely some kind of animal.”

Look it’s moving in undulations and looks like some kind of whale,” noted Monique.

As far as I know there aren’t any whales in Lake Okanagon. At least any that look like that,” said Ryan.

Ryan had a powerful pair of binoculars in his back pack. He took them out and got a close up look at the creature in the water. Ryan felt chills in his body when he saw the animal’s head surface. “I know what it is now,” he said in a shaky voice.

What is it?” asked Monique.

It’s Ogopogo. The First Nations people called it the lake demon.”

You mean it’s the real version of the toy things they sell to tourists in the local stores?” asked Monique.

It has to be. I’ve never scene a fish or other animal that looks like that creature in the lake. Do you have a camera, Monique?”

Yes, I do. I have a digital Samsung in my back pack. I’ll take a picture of it.”

Monique quickly took out her camera and snapped two pictures of the animal. Just after she took the pictures she saw a fishing boat about fifty metres away. The creature then submerged back into the lake.

Wow, you took those pictures right on time,” said Ryan. “Let’s have a look how they turned out.”

Ryan and Monique both studied the preview pictures on her camera. The creature appeared to be very small and a great distance away.

Well, your pictures will never stand as positive scientific evidence of the existence of Ogopogo, but at least we know what we saw and have pictures to back it up,” said Ryan.

Did you believe in Ogopogo before you saw him today?’ asked Monique.

The truth is that I did although this was my first actual sighting of the creature. My dad and I have both been cryptozoology buffs for years.”

What’s cryptozology? asked Monique.

It’s the study of unknown species like Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster.”











Desiring More From Life Part Two

Desiring More From Life Part Two


As a Christian and a child of God I should expect good and even great things for my life on a daily basis. This is not easy and takes a lot of practice. It involves training your mind in a new direction so that eventually your emotions will follow.

For example, today I woke up with an upset stomach. All weekend I felt very tired and went to bed early hoping that I would feel better when I got up. I went to Harvest Family Church on Sunday. The service and message were very good but I found that I could not fully enjoy it because I felt so tired. It always amazes me how a little bug can play such havoc with the way you feel.

I need a lot more practice living in God’s supernatural realm. If I had more experience in the Kingdom Mindset I should not feel ill or tired today. Unfortunately, most of my life has been spent seeing with my natural eyes. It will take some work on my part to envision a better reality for my life.Image

The Lake Demon Episode 37

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John, Stephanie and Ryan all chowed down on the burgers that Meg barbequed. They all had time to catch up on what had transpired in each others’ lives since the last time they were altogether. After lunch everybody went for a nap.

Ryan was so exhausted after the long car trip that he slept for two hours. When he arose it was close to 4:00 PM. Ryan pulled a Rockstar Energy drink out of his back pack along with his mp3 player. While he drank the Rockstar Ryan listened to Led Zeppelin’s, The Song Remains the Same. This had always been his favorite album by Led Zeppelin. His favorite track was the live version of Stairway to Heaven.

When he felt fully awake again he headed downstairs to Aunt Meg’s living room. The others were all watching an episode of X-Factor that Meg had recorded. It was one of those episodes where the judges were auditioning potential contestants and some of the performances were horrible. Ryan wasn’t that interested in watching the show. He told the others that he was going out for a jog and was also going to do some exploring.

A couple of minutes into his jog another jogger was just a few feet behind him. He turned around to see a very attractive young woman wearing a B. C. Lions jersey. She asked Ryan if he minded having some company on his jog.

Ryan told her that he would be delighted as he was just vacationing in Kelowna and really didn’t know anyone besides his family and relatives.

Let’s stop for a few minutes and talk,” suggested the attractive, young female jogger. “We should introduce ourselves. My name is Monique. I’m from Montreal, Quebec.”

Ryan stopped running and extended his hand, “Pleased to meet you. I’m Ryan Richards from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Obviously you speak English, Monique.”

That’s right. I’m fluently bilingual in both French and English. I have just been in Kelowna for a week. My mother lives in Kelowna and I spend the summer months with her. During the winter months I attend university and live with my dad in Montreal,” said Monique.

I hate to be so blunt, but are you married or do you have a boyfriend?” asked Ryan.

Neither,” replied Monique. “How about you?”

The same as you. I’m a free agent right now,” answered Ryan.\

Free agent, eh,” Monique laughed. “You must be interested in sports.”

I am. I played both hockey and football at my high school. I just graduated this year.”

What are you going to do in the fall?” asked Monique.

I’ve applied at The University of Manitoba and intend on trying out for both their football and hockey teams.”

What area of studies do you want to major in?” asked Monique.

Education. I’m signing up for the four year Bachelor of Education degree.”

So you want to be a teacher?”

That’s plan B. I’d rather be a professional athlete,” said Ryan.

Well, you’d make a lot more money. That’s for sure.”

What do you study at university?” Monique?

I’ll be starting my third year at The Faculty of Education.”

Ah, so we’re looking at two potential teachers here,” said Ryan.

Hey, Ryan, there’s a diner about a mile from here. Do you want to meet there for lunch?”

That sounds like a plan to me.”