Reflections on the Christmas Holidays Part One

Reflections on the Christmas Holidays

Part One

As some of you know I had to have surgery on my eye in November of 2012 because of a detached retina. The surgery was successful but the recovery time has placed many limitations on what I have been able to do. For ten days after my eye surgery I needed to keep my head down all the time. This was extremely difficult for me for a variety of reasons. Realizing that there was not much that I could do during this time of recuperation, I asked my wife Martha if she could get back a Todd Bentley CD series we once had. We had lent it to a mutual friend of ours who returned the CD compilation set to our home.

My wife, Martha and I began listening to Todd Bentley’s CD set, The Reality of The Supernatural Realm. There are approximately thirteen Cds in this collection so we had plenty to listen to. Now, I realize that many Christians are not open to Todd Bentley and his ministry. I think that they are doing themselves a great disservice as Todd has a powerful message.

Almost immediately after listening to the first CD we played, I became aware of God’s presence. This awareness increased as we continued to listen to more of his CDs. Even though I was not happy about having to lie down on a massage table for long stretches of time, I did not feel depressed nor was I anxious about my recent health crisis. I have a strong tendency to have short periods of time when I really take my faith seriously but have long periods where I tend to let it slide. At these times a great weight of spiritual heaviness appears to be upon me. It is always a great relief to me when this heaviness lifts. When the spiritual malaise does finally leave it seems to move both my personality and lifestyle in a positive direction. My problem is that the season of freedom usually only lasts for a few weeks and then I find myself back in the spiritual desert again. This time I am really pressing in to sustain and even increase this period of spiritual awakening. \i would greatly appreciate prayer for the maintenance, and even increase in my spiritual growth.




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