Reflections on the Christmas Holidays Part Two

Reflections on the Christmas Holidays

Part Two

On Christmas Day Martha and I were scheduled to go to Abbortsford, B.C. by plane. Unfortunately, things didn’t go according to plan. We were both looking forward to spending Christmas day with Martha’s family. As soon as the plane for Calgary took off I started to experience intense pain in my left eye. In November I had surgery done on my left eye as I had a detached retina. The change in altitude and air pressure is likely what was causing the excruciating pain in my eye.

When the plane landed in Calgary a supervisor from the airport informed us that I would need medical clearance before I could board the plane going to Abbortsford. We took a taxi to a hospital in Calgary. When we arrived at the hospital a doctor examined me and advised that getting back on a plane would be too risky.

We ended up taking a Greyhound Bus back to Winnipeg. It was a long bus ride lasting eighteen hours. I actually enjoyed the bus ride as I had my Kindle Touch with me and therefore, could read and listen to audiobooks. The bus made frequent stops but few coffee shops or convenience stories were open because it was \Christmas Day. The only thing I didn’t like about the bus ride was that I couldn’t get any sleep.


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