The Lake Demon Episode 35

Next Scene:

Dr. Lionel Phelge decided that it was time to give Dean Sanderson a phone call. “Hello Edward. I have some ideas about my sabbatical research project. When can we meet?”
“I wasn’t expecting to hear from you so soon, Lionel. I thought you would be at home resting up and enjoying your holidays for a few days,” replied Dean Sanderson. “If you feel up to it we could meet for lunch this afternoon. There is a new Chinese restaurant not far from the university that I’d like to try out. You just drive to the university and we can go in my car. Can you be here by noon?”

I sure can. I’ll come up to your office at noon Edward,|” answered Lionel.

At around 12:15 PM Dean Sanderson and Lionel arrived at The Shangra La restaurant. A waiter took their order and then brought the two men some Chinese tea.

I’m amazed that you came up with a project idea so quickly, Lionel,” said Dean Sanderson.

Actually, so am I. After our last meeting I walked over to the university’s pub and decided to have a couple of drinks to celebrate my sabbatical leave.

After about fifteen minutes one of my students sat down next to me at the bar and said that he had an idea for a research project that he wanted to discuss with me. The student’s name is Kyle Winter.”

Oh, yes, our university’s star quarterback. I’ve talked to Kyle on a couple of occasions. He’s a very determined young man. I imagine he’ll go a long way in life.”

That’s the impression I got. He’s sure not shy. That’s for sure,” said Lionel.

Well, you certainly have me curious, Lionel. What idea did Kyle have for a research project?” asked Dean Sanderson.

A thorough investigation into the possible existence of Ogopogo in Lake Okanogan.”

Wow. Are you and Kyle going to work together on this project?”

That’s the plan. Kyle mentioned that he also has some student associates of his that are also interested. The next thing I’ll do is arrange for a meeting to be set up where I get to meet his friends and start planning our project.”


























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