Pressing In part one

Desiring More From Life (Part Two)


I have found that ‘pressing in’ or fervently pursuing God is relatively easy when life appears to be going well for me. It is certainly easier to have faith in God’s Promises.

What does “pressing in” look like? This probably depends upon the individual. I will now list some of the techniques and methods that I use:

  1. Listening to something with Biblical content as soon as I get up in the morning. This seems to set the tone for the day as it signals that my intention is to take God and His Word seriously today. I have an extensive library of Christian audio resources. During the month of December and in January 2013 I listened to a lot of cds and podcasts by Todd Bentley and Bill Johnson. I find these messages to be very encouraging.

  2. Soaking” or spending some quiet time in the presence of the Lord. This can be very difficult at first as our human tendency is to want to move around and do something. I often will put one of Todd Bentley’s soaking cds on in the background during this time of meditation. During this time I ask God to speak to me or manifest in some way.

    Practising staying in the Lord’s presence takes a lot of discipline. It is somewhat like the discipline required for physical exercise.

  3. I often listen to anointed music. I know that there will be people who disagree with me, but I find listening to the Christian rock band, Stryper to be both refreshing and inspiring. (to be continued).



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