Desiring More From Life Part Two

Desiring More From Life Part Two


As a Christian and a child of God I should expect good and even great things for my life on a daily basis. This is not easy and takes a lot of practice. It involves training your mind in a new direction so that eventually your emotions will follow.

For example, today I woke up with an upset stomach. All weekend I felt very tired and went to bed early hoping that I would feel better when I got up. I went to Harvest Family Church on Sunday. The service and message were very good but I found that I could not fully enjoy it because I felt so tired. It always amazes me how a little bug can play such havoc with the way you feel.

I need a lot more practice living in God’s supernatural realm. If I had more experience in the Kingdom Mindset I should not feel ill or tired today. Unfortunately, most of my life has been spent seeing with my natural eyes. It will take some work on my part to envision a better reality for my life.Image


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