The Lake Demon Episode 39

Next Scene:


Blake Riley got out of his chair to get himself another Heineken. He turned towards Daniel, his personal bodyguard and said. “Do you think any of the crew from the Champ project might be interested in another exploration?”

For Champ?” asked Daniel looking at his boss quizzically.

No this time it will be an expedition in search of Ogopogo,” replied Blake.

If the money was right they probably would. National Geographic paid them very generously for their time and efforts.”

That wouldn’t be an issue. I can pay them much better than National Geographic did. Where can I get hold of the crew?”

I still keep in touch with the owner of the boat we used. The other crew come from all over the world but he may know how to get in contact with them.”

Starting tomorrow Daniel that’s your first duty. I want you to phone your friend and get some leads on how to contact the rest of the crew. I’ll be working in my office all day tomorrow so you’ll have plenty of time to make phone calls. If I need any additional security for tomorrow I’ll hire some extra staff.”

Are you serious boss? Do you really want me to make those phone3 calls tomorrow?”

I’ve never been more serious,” replied Blake Riley.



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