The Lake Demon Episode 39

Next Scene:


About an hour later Ryan and Monique stopped running when they approached a Tim Horton’s coffee shop. When they entered the shop it was quite crowded. They managed to find two empty seats next to two middle aged gentlemen. The two men were engaged in an animated discussion.

Henry, what do you think that thing was that we saw in the lake?” asked Harvey.


It’s hard to say. It was too far away,” replied Henry.

‘All I’m saying is that there have been several reported sightings of Ogopogo over the last month,” said Harvey.

That doesn’t mean anything. A few years ago there were a bunch of ufo sightings over Brazil. Nobody captured any ufos.”

That doesn’t mean that ufos don’t exist.”

I suppose not but I’m not going to go around telling people that we saw Ogopogo today,” said Henry.

I agree that whatever we saw was over one hundred meters away but it appeared to be approaching fast and then it suddenly submerged when our boat came around the corner,” said Harvey.

That ‘s what is known as circumstantial evidence,” said Henry in response.

Maybe not,” said Ryan after taking a sip of his coffee.

What do you mean, son?” asked Harvey adjusting the blue lumberjack jacket that he wore over his black tee shirt.

I’m sorry. We should have introduced ourselves. My name is Ryan and my new friend to my left is called Monique.”

Pleased to meet you,” said Henry. “But you still haven’t answered our question.”

Was your fishing boat anywhere near Rattlesnake Island about an hour ago?” asked Monique.

Yes, it was. How did you know?” asked Harvey.

Monique and I were jogging on a trail near the bank at Rattlesnake Island. Monique had just taken two pictures of the creature you saw when your boat rounded the corner,” said Ryan.

How do you know it was a creature?” asked Henry. He pushed his chair closer to the table.

Oh, it was a very large living animal all right,” said Ryan also moving his chair closer to the round table.

It certainly wasn’t a boat or a log. I managed to take a couple of pictures of it before it submerged,” added Monique.

Fortunately I had a pair of professional grade binoculars. I got a good close up look when the creature raised its head,” said Ryan.

You got a look at its head? Can we see those pictures?” asked Harvey.

Yeah, no problem,” said Monique.Image


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