The Lake Demon Epiisode 40 by Ken David Stewart

The Lake Demon Episode 40


Bobby O’ Connor was sitting at around able to the left of Ryan, Monique and the two fishermen. It had been another rough night for Bobby. He had stayed up until one on the morning following his usual drinking routine that started at seven in the evening. He would alternate between a Budweiser and a Jack Daniels and Coke every hour. Bobby prided himself that he only drank alcohol in the evenings. In Bobby’s way of reasoning this meant that he was not a full blown alcoholic. His learned this pattern of drinking from his father who, too, shunned the label of alcoholic. Bobby had learned the method of taking a high quality vitamin B supplement with a large glass of water before going to bed. He believed that this would either reduce the severity or eliminate the possibility of a morning hangover. If this technique did not work and he felt shaky in the morning he would smoke a joint in the morning before heading off to work.

Bobby O’Connor was still called Bobby even though he was thirty years old. He kind of liked the name as it reminded him of his youth and better days. Bobby had been a star defence man right up into the junior leagues. Hockey scouts had been watching him play and a few even said that Bobby O’Connor had the potential to be the next Bobby Orr. As fate would have it, O’Connors career was ended in the same manner as the famous athlete that he had been compared to. Bobby O’Conner suffered one too many knee injuries and even with surgery he was never the hockey player he had the potential to be.

Not a day went by that Bobby didn’t fantasize about playing with a National Hockey League team. Instead Bobby O’Conner found himself a sports reporter for The Kelowna Sun. It almost killed him to watch young kids play the game that should have brought him fame and fortune. Bobby had added an extra seventy pounds since his playing days. His right knee now hurt so bad that he knew that he’d need to talk to his family doctor about getting a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. Bobby suspected that he would probably be looking at total knee replacement therapy within the next year. In the mean time Bobby coped by taking T3s and drinking heavily.

Bobby had suffered another crippling hurt about five months ago. His wife, Gloria asked Bobby to move out of the family home five months ago. Bobby was shocked but really shouldn’t have been surprised. Gloria had lost her patience with Bobby’s dependence upon alcohol and pain medication.



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