The Lake Demon Episode 41 by Ken David Stewart

Episode 41:

Things had not been going all that well at work either. Last Friday afternoon Bobby got called into his boss’s office.

Have a seat, Bobby, “said his editor, Jack Walby. It was hard for the staff at The Kelowna Sun not to call Jack, Ed, as he bore a remarkable resemblance to the actor Ed Asner. Jack was finishing off his lunch which consisted of a double bacon cheeseburger and a double order of French fries.

I’ll get right down to the brass tacks, Bobby. Your writing hasn’t been up to snuff the last month or so,” said Jack taking a big slug off his Coke.

What do you mean, Jack? I’ve been working my ass off for this paper. I’ve been on every lousy bus ride and road trip this season with the Kelowna Katfish,” replied Bobby as his face reddened.

Yes, you have, but this month I’ve been reading our competition’s sports page. Their sports reporter’s writing is crisp and exciting. Then I read your description of the same game and I nearly fall asleep. Also, words gotten back to me from some of the players that you really get plastered on those bus trips.”

Ah, come on. Give me a break. I just lost my family five months ago,” said Bobby shifting around nervously in his chair.

Life is hard, Bobby. But you’re a professional. You can’t let it affect your work. Here’s the deal. This month you come up with a few articles that blow my socks off or I’m going to have to let you go,” said Jack Walby with a stern look fixed on Bobby. The veteran sports reporter felt a strong wave of shame and fear come over him.

Bobby was reliving this conversation in his mind and was barely aware of the other customers in Tim Horton’s. He finally broke out of his daze when he stopped to listen to the conversation at the table next to him. Henry and Harvey were both looking closely at Monique’s picture.

Look, Henry. You can see part of the creature’s head in the second picture,” said Harvey excitedly.

Hold your horses, Harvey. That could be a piece of log for all we know. The picture was taken from too far away,” replied Henry.

If you had seen what I saw through my binoculars you would know that it was Ogopogo,” said Ryan.

Come on, son. We weren’t born yesterday. This does make for a good tall tale though,” said Henry.



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