The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart Episode 42

Next Scene:

Within minutes the police and the paramedics arrived on the scene. An RCMP officer got on the Greyhound bus and first looked around to assess the situation. The first thing he saw was Garry lying unconscious on the floor of the bus. Blood was dripping from Garry’s nose, mouth and ears. Blue and yellow bruises were already starting to be visible on his face.
The RCMP officer quickly took charge. “I need all of you people except the bus driver to get off the bus now. I need a few minutes to talk to the driver and the paramedic team is going to need room to assist the man who is down.”
The officer gave the signal for the paramedics to climb aboard the bus as soon as all the passengers had exited.
A male paramedic was the first to examine Garry. He put his ear close to Garry’s nose and mouth to make sure that his patient was still breathing. A female paramedic put a finger on Garry’s carotid artery in order to ascertain that Garry had a pulse. The lead paramedic then announced to the rest of the team, “ The patient is breathing and has a pulse,”
He asked Garry how he was doing to find out if his patient was conscious.
Garry responded by saying, “ A big man beat me up and I hurt like hell.”
A female paramedic said, “ Don’t worry sir. We’re paramedics and we will take you to the hospital. Two paramedics slowly and carefully put Garry on a stretcher. Garry howled in pain.
“The patient likely has some broken ribs,” said one of the paramedics. In about two minutes Garry was in the ambulance and was taken to the nearest hospital.
The RCMP officer now had an opportunity to talk to the bus driver privately.
“What happened, sir?” asked the officer.
“Well, the young man that they took to the hospital came to the front of the bus to tell me that the bus was full of reptilian creatures who were trying to prevent him from visiting his relatives. I tried to assure the man that I would keep him safe and would let him off the bus early. Some passengers sitting close to the front heard us talking and started freaking out when the man said he had a knife. A big overweight guy jumped on the man and started to punch him in the face. He then began to kick the victim in the ribs with his steel toe work boots.”
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