The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart Episode 43

Next Scene:


The pictures were taken from too great a distance,” said Henry studying Monique’s pictures.

Although Henry was still skeptical the two men agreed to exchange phone numbers with Ryan and Monique before leaving the restaurant.

Where do you want to go now?” asked Monique reaching behind her head to secure her ponytail?

Let’s go to my Aunt Meg’s. I can’t wait to tell her and my sister about what we saw today. And I can’t wait to introduce you to my family,” said Ryan.

That’s very sweet,” said Monique. “I’d love to meet your family.”

Ryan and Monique jogged all the way back to Aunt Meg’s log cabin. As Ryan pointed out his aunt’s residence Monique said,”It’s beautiful Ryan. Are you going to stay here all summer?”

That’s the plan. Our grandfather is very ill with cancer and is staying at a hospital in Kelowna,” answered Ryan.

I’m very sorry to hear that your grandpa is ill but I’m glad that you’ll be staying for the summer,” said Monique.

It looks like this is going to be our grandfather’s last summer and my family wanted to be here to say goodbye to him.”

That’s really sad, Ryan. Have you visited your grandpa in the hospital yet?”

Not yet. My dad and my sister and I just arrived today. We’ll be seeing Grandpa tomorrow morning,” answered Ryan.

And you met me your first day of vacation. How cool is that?” said Monique.

I think it’s very cool. Even though this is going to be a sad time because of my grandpa, our family still plans to have some fun this summer.”

And will I be part of your fun, Ryan?” asked Monique.

You already are,” replied Ryan.

Ryan opened the front door and invited Monique into his aunt’s log cabin. “I brought along a friend. Her name is Monique and she’s from Montreal.”

Stephanie was the first to greet Monique. “Are you from Kelowna, Monique?”

No, I’m from Montreal. I’m going to be saying with my mom for the summer.”




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