The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart Episode 44

Next Scene:
Ryan’s dad was just coming down the stairs after taking a short nap. During his nap he dreamed that he saw Ogopogo. John Richards could see that his son had brought home a guest and he was eager to meet her. Ryan’s father was immediately struck by how attractive Monique looked. This shouldn’t have surprised him as Ryan had brought home many attractive girls. Still, there was something different about Monique. She was so full of joy that she almost appeared to glow.
As soon as John got to the bottom of the stairs he extended his hand to Monique. “Hi, Monique. I’m Ryan’s father. I’m surprised that my son made a friend so quickly. This is our first day here.”
“I’m very pleased to meet you, sir,” said Monique.
“You’re very polite but you don’t need to call me, sir. John, will do just fine.”
“Okay, I’m very pleased to meet you, John.”
This made John laugh. “Why don’t you and Ryan have a seat on the sofa?”
Aunt Meg had just come in through the back door. She had been in her backyard picking vegetables. Ryan introduced her to Monique.
“Can I get you guys something to drink?” asked Meg.
“I put a twelve pack of Cokes in the fridge before I went for my nap. Maybe our guest would like a Coke,” said John.
“That would be awesome,” answered Monique. “Ryan and I just came back from a jog.”
“You found another jock for a friend, Ryan and a very good looking one at that,” said Stephanie getting up to get herself a Coke from the fridge.
“Actually, Monique’s studying to be a teacher like me.” Ryan replied.
“Your first day together and you already found two things in common,” said John.
“Three, actually,” said Meg. The two of them are also very good looking.”
“Did you have a god nap, Dad?” asked Ryan.
“Well, it wasn’t very restful. I had a terrifying dream about Ogopogo turning our boat over,” answered John.
“What a strange coincidence,” noted Ryan. “You guys aren’t going to believe what happened when we went for a jog by the lake.”
“Let me guess. You two fell madly in love and now you’re engaged,” said Stephanie.
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