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The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart Episodes 56 and 57


Episode 56




Bobby O’Connor, the sports writer? That guy’s a drunk. Anytime I go to a hockey game I see Bobby and he’s half in the bag,” said Kyle.


Look, this whole group is going to be doing a research project on Ogopogo. We’re planning to organize an expedition to actually find the creature.”


And I’d love to record an interview with you and see those pictures that you took of the creature,” said Keesha.


We can do that,” said Ryan. “We are wondering. Is there any way we could be of more help to you such as joining you on this expedition?”


You two are keaners, aren’t you?” Kyle said with a laugh. “I’ll tell you what. This whole group has a meeting scheduled with Dr. Lionel Phelge, a marine biology prof and the dean of UBC. The meeting takes place at 11:00 AM Tuesday morning in Dean Sanderson’s office. We’d love to take you guys to the meeting.”


You can count us in,” said Ryan. “Oh sorry, Monique. I haven’t asked you yet?”


Of course I’ll becoming to the meeting,” said Monique.


It’s all settled then,” said Ryan. “Welcome aboard.”




Episode 57:




Ida Rhodes was in the habit of taking her dog, Chloe, for walks along the trails in the evenings. Her walks generally lasted about forty-five minutes along the trails near Lake Okanagon. Ida favored one trail in particular that came close to the edge of the lake. This trail was near Squally Point.


On one particular evening Ida looked towards the lake and saw and heard a great upheaval in the water about fifty meters from the shore. As Ida moved closer to the lake she started to feel terrible chest pains. In a couple of minutes she suffered a fatal heart attack. As she lost her grip on the leash that held Chloe Ida fell into the lake and was soon dragged under by the current.


Chloe jumped into the water making a valiant effort to save her owner but she to went under from the force of the lake. Now both Ida and Chloe were dead.








The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart E55


That’s cool,” said Kyle.




So why are you interested in Ogopogo?” asked Jasmine.


Well, I’ve always been interested in cryptozoology. I can’t speak for Monique,” said Ryan.


If I wasn’t interested in cryptozoology before I certainly am now,” said Monique.


Why’s that?” asked Ian.


Because Ryan and I saw the creature yesterday morning,” answered Monique,”


Whoah! You had a close encounter?” asked Kyle.


It wasn’t that close an encounter, but it definitely was an encounter,” Ryan replied.


Okay, give us all the details,” said Keesha.


It started when Ryan and I went out for a jog on a trail that runs along the lake.


What part of Lake Okanogan are we talking about?” asked Keesha.


We were close to Squally Point,” said Ryan.


All right. Go on,” insisted Kyle.


As I was saying we were running along the trail when I saw something weird on the lake. I asked Ryan to stop and have a look where I was pointing,” said Monique.


Well, I stopped jogging and looked over towards the lake,” said Ryan. “There appeared to be a large dark object undulating rapidly. Monique was able to take a couple of photos of it.”


What did you think it was?” asked Brendon shuffling around in his chair.


If it wasn’t Ogopogo I don’t know what the heck it was,” said Monique with a quick swish of her ponytail.


What did you think it was Ryan?” asked Kyle.


At first I wasn’t sure but once I saw its head break the surface I was certain that it had to be Ogopogo,” said Ryan sitting straight up in his chair.


Wow! Have you got the pictures you took with you?” asked Keesha rolling up the sleeves on her University of British Columbia jacket.


We let a local reporter borrow them so that he could get them examined by an expert in photography analysis,” answered Ryan.


Which reporter and from which newspaper?” asked Ian.


Bobby O’Connor from The Kelowna Sun,” replied Monique.


The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart Episode 54


Episode 54:


Monique arrived at Aunt Meg’s cottage at around 10:00 AM. Before Monique left yesterday evening she and Ryan had agreed to check out The University of British Columbia. I think they both knew that something was going on between them and that they might decide to pursue their educations on the same campus. After taking a leisurely walk outside the campus Ryan and Monique decided to go for lunch at the university’s cafeteria. They thought that they might meet some of the university’s students and be able to ask them some questions.

They found a table just across from where Kyle Winter and his friends were sitting. As Kyle had a loud voice Ryan and Monique could not help but overhear the conversation at the adjoining table.

I’ve got our time and date set for our meeting with Dr. Phelge and Dean Sanderson. It will take place at 10:00 next Tuesday.” As usual Kyle was taking charge. I’ll need all of you guys there on time and I want you to come dressed in business style clothing. We need to look professional and look like we’re taking this project very seriously.”

What do you think that Dean Sanderson’s going to think about our Ogopogo project?” asked Keesha.

Ryan spat out his coffee when he heard Keesha say, ‘Ogopogo project.’ As there were still a couple of open spaces at Kyle’s table, Ryan signaled for Monique to move her chair to the university students’ table.

Could we join you guys for lunch?” asked Ryan. “We overheard you talking about Ogopogo.”

Sure, come join us.” said Keesha.

Ryan and Monique moved their chairs right beside the group of UBC students. “We should introduce ourselves. I’m Ryan and this is Monique.”

Is Monique your partner or girlfriend?” asked Ian.

I wish,” answered Ryan. This made Monique blush. Kyle and his friends then made all their introductions.

Are you guys students here?” asked Brendon.

No, we’re both here on summer vacation. Ryan’s from Winnipeg and I’m from Montreal. Both our parents are separated so we only come here to live with the other parent during the summer months,” replied Monique.



Lake Mariposa 2013 by Ken David Stewart E6


”You want to hear a good band tonight.? A band called Next are playing at River Heights Community Club tonight.”


What kind of music do they play?” asked Arwen.


Hard rock mostly. They play a lot of the rock you hear on FM radio. They even have a local hit record out, a cover version of Tobacco Road.”


You mean the same song that The Nashville Teens recorded a few years ago?”asked Arwen.


That’s the one.”


Sounds good. If you got enough bread for the two of us, count me in,” answered Arwen.


Great! We’ve got a couple of hours to kill before River Heights is open. Do you want to hang out at Memorial Park for an hour or two?” remembering what Misty had told him. “Then we can catch the Crescent bus to River Heights Community Club, ”said Rick.


Far out, man. I hear that’s where all the freaks in Winnipeg hang out. You’re pretty cool for a guy who looks so straight.”


Rick laughed. “Yeah, what can I say. I’ve only had two months to let my hair grow out. It’s only about half way over my ears.”


They’re going to think you’re a narc, Rick,” Arwen joked.


I think they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt when they see that I’m with you.”


Arwen giggled, “Yeah, man. You’re probably right.”


Right after they finished their coffees Rick and Arwen walked the four blocksImage

The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart E53

Life must be very scary for you Garry?” asked Dr. Weisenthall.

Yes, it is. I always have to be in a state of hyper vigilance,” answered Garry.

That must be very taxing on your system.”

Yeah, I feel exhausted most of the time.”

Well, I’m glad that we had a chance to meet today, Garry. I think that I will be able to help you with some of your issues. Your medical condition is not curable but fortunately, it’s treatable.”

What medical condition?!” shouted Garry who was now visibly agitated.

Now calm down, Garry. You have schizophrenia, most likely paranoid schizophrenia.”

So you still think I’m nuts!”

No, you are not nuts. You have a treatable medical condition. You will be staying in the hospital for a week or two until we can get you stabilized. I will start by putting you on some antipsychotic medications.”

I’m not staying in this hospital so that you can feed me a bunch of dangerous drugs.”

After saying that Garry bolted out the door of Dr. Weisenthal’s office. The psychiatrist then yelled to two male psychiatric nurses who were doing their rounds in the hall, “Jerry, Matthew. Restrain that young man!”

The two male nurses were able to grab a hold of Garry and wrestle him to the floor.

Dr. Weisenthall who was now in the hall caught up with Jerry and Matthew while Garry continued to struggle and kick on the floor. The doctor, a little out of breath, called out to a nurse in the office,” Kylie, go get the restraints. After Garry was put in the restraints he was given an injection of Haldol. The nurses and Dr. Weisenthall stayed with Garry until the medication took effect. As soon as Garry had stopped struggling and appeared to be groggy, the psychiatric team held Garry and laid him down in an open patient’s room.

This young man is very ill, “ said the doctor. I want all the nurses involved to write up an Incident Report. I am going back to my office to write up my report of what just transpired. I will be going home in a couple of hours. I will leave written instructions with the nurses. When the evening shift comes on I want them fully debriefed on what just occurred with this young man and the necessary interventions that were deemed necessary. Also let the evening staff know that they can call me on my cell if the patient starts to decompensate again this evening.”Image

Lake Mariposa 2013 by Ken David Stewart E5


I don’t know your name either,” Rick giggled.


Well, I’m known as Arwen, man, like from The Lord of the Rings. That’s my street name anyway. What’s yours?”


I’m Rick Stuart, no street name. I think I heard of The Lord of the Rings but I haven’t read the book yet. What the heck is a street name anyway?”


On the street nobody uses their real names. It makes it easier when the cops or Child and Family Services start snooping around. You never know your friend’s real names.”


It suddenly dawned on Rick that he had entered a different world than what he was used to. “How long have you lived in Winnipeg, Arwen?”


I don’t live in Winnipeg. I’ve been traveling around the States and Canada for the last few months. I just got into town Sunday night. I hitched a ride from Van with some guys.”


What’s Van?” asked Rick?


Man , you are a straight aren’t you? Van is short for Vancouver, British Columbia.”


Did you know the guys you rode in with ?”


Only for one day. I met them at a crash pad in Van,” answered Arwen.


Do you think it was safe to get in a car with some men you barely know?” asked Rick.


I never think about my own safety, man. I don’t worry about anything anymore. I take life as it comes.”


A waitress came to their table as Arwen took deep drags off her cigarette and


Rick took short sips from his glass of water.


What can I get you folks?” asked the waitress.


We’d like two nips, two French fries and two coffees,” said Rick.


The waitress told them that their food should be ready in a few minutes.


How long will you be staying in Winnipeg, Arwen?


Probably for a week or so. I’ll leave as soon as my old man catches up with me,” answered Arwen.


Your old man? Are you married?” asked Rick.


No, we were just living together for a couple of months in Van.”


It doesn’t sound like you want to get back with him.”


Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. The problem is he hits me.”


That’s terrible!”said Rick.


Yeah, but it’s not all the time. Most of the time he’s pretty cool with me. It’s only when he’s had too much to drink that he gets crazy.”


Are you afraid of him?” asked Rick.


Yeah, if he got mad enough he might kill me.”stated Arwen.“Well, that’s my cross to bare not yours, man.”


Still. I can’t stand the thought of someone beating on you.”


Ah, come on man, you didn’t even know me fifteen minutes ago.” said Arwen. “Still it’s kind of sweet. Thank you.”Image

The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart E52

Episode 52:

Are you in a lotof pain, Garry?” asked Dr. Weisenthall. It looks like you took an awful beating from that passenger on the bus. The doctor could see Garry flinch when he was sitting on the couch. Garry was trying hard to find a position in which he would be comfortable.

You mean the psycho on the bus that attacked me?” asked Garry.

If that’s the way you choose to identify him,” replied the doctor.

I know what he is,” Garry responded. “In answer to your original question, yes, I am in a great deal of pain. I can barely find a part of my body where it doesn’t hurt.

I can help you with the manifestations of your physical trauma fairly easily. Here take two of these Tylenol 3s. You should start getting some relief from your physical pain in less than fifteen minutes. Garry, you said you know what the perpetrator of your assault is. What is he specifically?”

Oh he’s not the only one on that bus. The bus is infested with them”

With what?” asked the doctor.

There not human. They’re aliens. A particular group of aliens that can change themselves into either a human or reptilian form at will.” answered Garry.

Are these creatures dangerous?”

That’s an understatement. They are out to take control of the earth and all its inhabitants.”

Have you seen these aliens anywhere else or at any other time?”

Nearly every day. My parents are reptilian creatures. They often change form. That’s why I got on the Greyhound bus. To get away from them. I was planning on talking to my aunt and uncle who live in Saskatchewan. They must know that my parents are reptilians and I was hoping that I could live with them.”

Is there anywhere else that you have seen theses alien creatures?

I often can pick out some of them in a crowd when I walk downtown. Even if they disguise their reptilian features I recognize them by the sounds that they make.”

What do the sounds sound like?”

It’s hard to describe. Only dogs and people with my sensitivity can hear them. The sounds they make sound evil and eerie.”

Life must be very scary for you Garry?” asked Dr. Weisenthall.