What’s Up? (Birthday Message)

What’s Up?
Birthday Message (Part One)

As I write this blog I am now sixty-one years old. How does it feel? Much like I felt at age sixty. As I am writing this I am switching back and forth between this page and the Aesop sub board. The Aesop sub board posts substitute teaching assignments that are available today. As of this writing I haven’t found any assignments for me today. I’m not really expecting a job offer today as it is the first day after spring break (which is also my birthday). Many workers will get a holiday today because it is Easter Monday not because it’s my birthday. Even though April 1 has not as yet been declared a national holiday because it is my birthday I still intend to have a good day today. It is still early in the morning and I have found many birthday messages on facebook. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. You are very kind.
Sixty was an interesting year for me. It marked my return to substitute teaching after a ten year absence. I am very happy to be back subbing again. I have always really enjoyed this line of work.
The reason that I haven’t posted any blogs in awhile is that my brother had some serious health issues and he needed my help in February and March. When I found out about my brother’s illness I was still recovering from my own health issues. In November of 2012 I needed eye surgery due to a detached retina in my left eye. My vision is now a lot better and I have been quite functional recently. I thank God for not losing my eyesight.
For most of February and March of 2013 I haven’t done much writing on my new novel, The Lake Demon. I found that with my brother being ill and getting a lot of substitute teaching assignments that I didn’t really have much energy to devote to my writing. I am not giving up on The Lake Demon, however. Last week I started to reread what I have written so far. I have also been using two creative writing software programs, Story Weaver and Dramatica Pro by Melanie Anne Phillips. One program is designed more for generating creative ideas and the other one helps with keeping your story structured. I am still learning as I go with these two software programs. So far I have found both Story Weaver and Dramatica Pro to be helpful.


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