The Lake Demon by Ken david Stewart Episode 47

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Bobby O’connor was in a daze. He was reliving his recent talk with his editor. A sinking feeling had come over him. His reverie was broken when he started to overhear the conversation that Ryan and Monique had just had at the next table. The two fishermen that they were previously talking to had now left the Tim Horton’s. Bobby O’conner overheard the word Ogopogo mentioned. He was listening to Ryan and Monique recap their adventure today.

Bobby moved his chair closer to Ryan and Monique’s table. He extended his hand to Ryan. “I know I don’t know you guys, but I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. I’m Bobby O’Conner.”

Yeah, I recognize you from your picture in The Kelowna Sun. You’re the sports reporter,” said Ryan shaking Bobby’s hand.

That’s me. Can I join you guys? I’d like to hear more about what happened to you guys today.”

Well, Ryan and I were jogging along a trail that overlooked Lake Okanagon,” said Monique.

Monique told me to stop and take a look at the lake. There was something strange in the water,” added Ryan.

We looked out upon the lake,” Monique continued and saw a large black serpent like object moving quickly in our direction.”

Right. It appeared to move by rapid undulations. It was obviously a living creature of some kind” said Ryan.

It sounds like the most common descriptions people give of of Ogopogo. Do you think it really was Ogopogo you saw?” asked Bobby.

If it wasn’t, I dont know what it was. It really shook us up to see it,” said Monique.

What did the fishermen see?” asked Bobby.

They saw something that looked like a fast moving log, but they were a lot further away than we were,” answered Monique.

Yeah, we showed them the photos that Monique took. Unfortunately, the creature doesn’t look very big in the pictures although in one of them you can see it raise its head and neck,” added Ryan.

The two fishermen were kind of arguing over whether or not our pictures were of Ogopogo, said Monique. “Henry was skeptical but Harvey believes we really may have photographed Ogopogo.”

Next Scene:


Can I see the pictures you took?” asked Bobby.

Sure,” said Monique handing the photos over to the reporter.

These pictures are better than I thought,” said Bobby taking a sip of his coffee. Although the pictures are taken from a fair distance you can tell that there is definitely a strange object in the water that appears to be moving. You can tell by the wave undulations surrounding the creature. Do you mind if I borrow you pictures for a day or two? I’d like to get a photography expert to analyze them. I’ve got a friend who does this sort of thing.”

So you believe that we really saw Qgopogo?” asked Ryan.

Absolutely. After you’ve been a reporter for awhile you can sense who is trust worthy and who is not and you guys are the real deal.”

Bobby O’Conner got up to leave but not before he got the phone numbers where Ryan and Monique could be reached.

Bobby jumped into his Toyota Camry and didn’t waste any time getting back to his office at The Kelowna Sun. He sat in his chair and immediately phoned his friend the photography expert.

What’s happening Bobby?” asked Mike o’Grady, “I haven’t heard from you in awhile.”

I need a big favor Mike. I need you to give me your expert opinion on the authenticity of two photos. I’ll need the photographs enlarged as well,” said Bobby.

What are the photos of?” asked Mike.

That’s why I need you to examine the pictures for me.”

This sound interesting. I’m home all day today if you want to bring the photos along.”

I can be at your place within the next hour,” said Bobby.

I’ll put some coffee on when you get here,” said Mike.

As soon as Bobby hung up the phone, it immediately rang.

Hello, Kelowna Sun. Bobby O’Connor here.”

Hi Bobby. It’s Harvey Perkins calling. I saw you at Tim Horton’s today. I have a great story you might be interested in.”

Is it a sports story?” asked Bobby.

Oh no. It’s much better than that. Me and another fishermen saw Ogopogo today.”

Bobby almost dropped the receiver and fell off his chair.





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