Lake Mariposa 2013 Edition Episode 1

Lake Mariposa


It was the year of rock festivals in Manitoba. This weekend’s event would the third that Rick had attended during the summer of 1969. The famous or infamous “summer of love” had come a couple of years later in Canada. Rick loved these rock festivals. He was a loyal fan of all the local rock bands in the city. To Rick these musicians were of as worthy of his praise as world famous bands like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.


Rick loved the music of the 1960’s. The first single record he bought was She Loves You by The Beatles. He especially liked the garage bands that sometimes had a single hit record during the years 1965 to 1967. But now it was the psychedelic era. It was Jimi Hendrix and his band The Experience, with a beautiful yellow cover on their first LP, Are You Experienced? Rick wasn’t quite sure that he preferred psychedelic music to the garage bands but he figured that he would soon get used to the new sounds on the radio.

You see Rick was now “with it” or “hip” or at least tried to be. This trans formative process had only come about in the last three months. The inspiration for his desire for hipness came through his association with his new female neighbor whose family moved in across the street from him. To be more precise Rick was now had an unrelenting desire to have a girlfriend.


His new neighbor, Misty had recently moved to Canada from San Francisco, California. She would have been around fifteen or sixteen during the Haight-Ashbury Summer of Love. Misty claimed to have hung out with the original community of hippies on a daily basis. She told Rick that she would have moved right into Haight-Ashbury if her parents would let her. If she tried to run away, Misty said that her mother would definitely get the police to bring her back home. Misty’s cover story was that she visited the library every afternoon during that summer as she was writing a novel and found the library to be a comfortable place to do research and to write.

The more that Rick got to know Misty the more he realized that she loved to drop names and to stretch the truth, if not, upon occasion, make up outright lies. Rick had also heard rumors that Misty had spent some time in a mental health facility while in California. Rick believed that there might well be some truth to these rumors.



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