Lake Mariposa 2013 Revision by Ken David Stewart E4

After he had purchased the album at the record store and walked out the door he felt some one tap him on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me, man.” This was the first time that anyone had called him, “man”. Rick turned around and saw what could only be described as female hippie or a flower child. He had previously only seen the flower children on television or in magazines. This girl definitely met the stereotype. Rick would estimate that she was fourteen to sixteen years old.


Hey man, do you have a cigarette and a little spare change?”


Rick happened to have a pack of Sweet Caporal cigarettes on him and did have change left over after purchasing the Jimi Hendrix album. This must be what the hippies meant by spare change. Rick laughed and said, “Sure”. The young girl had long blond hair and freckles. Although she was very thin and appeared to have missed a few meals Rick found her to be attractive.


Would you like to get something to eat? There’s a Salisbury House about a block from here and I’m buying.” Rick couldn’t believe that he’d found the courage to say this. This was like asking a girl out on a date and he had never had any success with this. There is nothing more shattering to a young man’s

ego than rejection from a female. When a young man hears, ‘No,’ or I don’t think so,’ it is like taking a heavy punch to the abdomen. The air is sucked right out of you.


To his delight and amazement, the flower child said, “That would be very cool. Can I get a smoke from you now?”


Absolutely,” said Rick taking a cigarette out of his pack and handing it to her.


While the two new acquaintances walked to The Salisbury House Rick felt like he was floating on air. It was hard for him to contain his excitement. He was about to have the company of a female all to himself.


Rick and his new friend found an open table at the restaurant and sat down to look at the menus. Rick said, “I know what I’m having already. A nip, some fries and a coffee. “


That sounds cool to me. I’ll have the same as you, man. By the way I don’t even know your name,” said the flower child.



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