The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart E51

The duty nurse met briefly with an intern to inform him of Garry’s presenting
symptoms. The intern called to ask if there was anyone available from the Psych Department. He was told that the psychiatric on duty could give Garry

an assessment in approximately one hour. This gave the intern adequate time to do a physical evaluation of Garry’s condition and to wait for the results of his patient’s x-rays and blood tests. As Garry’s lips were swollen and bleeding, the intern asked the duty nurse to suture Garry’s cut lip.
The psychiatrist arrived shortly after Garry’s x-rays came back. The x-rays indicated that Garry did not have any broken ribs.
The psychiatrist and Garry took the elevator to the third floor of the hospital. They went to room 307 Dr. Weisenthall’s office. Dr.Weisenthall appeared to be in his late thirties. He had an average build and wore his long, grey streaked hair in a ponytail. The doctor asked Garry to have a seat on his light blue couch.
“Hello Garry. I’m Dr. Weisenthal. Most of your test results came back and it appears that you don’t have any serious physical injuries that we haven’t attended to.”
Garry looked at the wall behind Dr. Weisenthall’s Navy blue leather chair. He took note of the doctor’s university degrees. He could see out of the doctor’s windows and could see that it was raining and the sky had clouded over.
“You must be a psychiatrist,” said Garry. “judging by your university degrees I mean.”
“You’re right Garry. You’re very observant. I am indeed a psychiatrist. I’m actually the Head of the psychiatric wing of the hospital, “ said the doctor turning around to get his yellow legal pad from his desk.
“Does it concern you that I’m a psychiatrist?”
“Yes, it does because I’m not crazy. I didn’t imagine that a man beat me up on the bus.”
“No, the injuries you have on your body are very real. I would never call a patient ‘crazy’. I’m just here to do an assessment of your mental state. People who have been severely assaulted, like you have, usually show indications of trauma. I just need to find out if you have been traumatized by the incident on the bus,” explained Dr. Weisenthall giving his neck a quick turn in both directions to relieve the muscle tension.
“Well, I am feeling a lot of anxiety right now,” “Can you help me out with that?” asked Garry.
“Yes, I have successfully treated hundreds if not thousands of people with anxiety disorders.”


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