Lake Mariposa 2013 by Ken David Stewart E6


”You want to hear a good band tonight.? A band called Next are playing at River Heights Community Club tonight.”


What kind of music do they play?” asked Arwen.


Hard rock mostly. They play a lot of the rock you hear on FM radio. They even have a local hit record out, a cover version of Tobacco Road.”


You mean the same song that The Nashville Teens recorded a few years ago?”asked Arwen.


That’s the one.”


Sounds good. If you got enough bread for the two of us, count me in,” answered Arwen.


Great! We’ve got a couple of hours to kill before River Heights is open. Do you want to hang out at Memorial Park for an hour or two?” remembering what Misty had told him. “Then we can catch the Crescent bus to River Heights Community Club, ”said Rick.


Far out, man. I hear that’s where all the freaks in Winnipeg hang out. You’re pretty cool for a guy who looks so straight.”


Rick laughed. “Yeah, what can I say. I’ve only had two months to let my hair grow out. It’s only about half way over my ears.”


They’re going to think you’re a narc, Rick,” Arwen joked.


I think they’ll give me the benefit of the doubt when they see that I’m with you.”


Arwen giggled, “Yeah, man. You’re probably right.”


Right after they finished their coffees Rick and Arwen walked the four blocksImage


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