The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart E52

Episode 52:

Are you in a lotof pain, Garry?” asked Dr. Weisenthall. It looks like you took an awful beating from that passenger on the bus. The doctor could see Garry flinch when he was sitting on the couch. Garry was trying hard to find a position in which he would be comfortable.

You mean the psycho on the bus that attacked me?” asked Garry.

If that’s the way you choose to identify him,” replied the doctor.

I know what he is,” Garry responded. “In answer to your original question, yes, I am in a great deal of pain. I can barely find a part of my body where it doesn’t hurt.

I can help you with the manifestations of your physical trauma fairly easily. Here take two of these Tylenol 3s. You should start getting some relief from your physical pain in less than fifteen minutes. Garry, you said you know what the perpetrator of your assault is. What is he specifically?”

Oh he’s not the only one on that bus. The bus is infested with them”

With what?” asked the doctor.

There not human. They’re aliens. A particular group of aliens that can change themselves into either a human or reptilian form at will.” answered Garry.

Are these creatures dangerous?”

That’s an understatement. They are out to take control of the earth and all its inhabitants.”

Have you seen these aliens anywhere else or at any other time?”

Nearly every day. My parents are reptilian creatures. They often change form. That’s why I got on the Greyhound bus. To get away from them. I was planning on talking to my aunt and uncle who live in Saskatchewan. They must know that my parents are reptilians and I was hoping that I could live with them.”

Is there anywhere else that you have seen theses alien creatures?

I often can pick out some of them in a crowd when I walk downtown. Even if they disguise their reptilian features I recognize them by the sounds that they make.”

What do the sounds sound like?”

It’s hard to describe. Only dogs and people with my sensitivity can hear them. The sounds they make sound evil and eerie.”

Life must be very scary for you Garry?” asked Dr. Weisenthall.



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