The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart Episode 54


Episode 54:


Monique arrived at Aunt Meg’s cottage at around 10:00 AM. Before Monique left yesterday evening she and Ryan had agreed to check out The University of British Columbia. I think they both knew that something was going on between them and that they might decide to pursue their educations on the same campus. After taking a leisurely walk outside the campus Ryan and Monique decided to go for lunch at the university’s cafeteria. They thought that they might meet some of the university’s students and be able to ask them some questions.

They found a table just across from where Kyle Winter and his friends were sitting. As Kyle had a loud voice Ryan and Monique could not help but overhear the conversation at the adjoining table.

I’ve got our time and date set for our meeting with Dr. Phelge and Dean Sanderson. It will take place at 10:00 next Tuesday.” As usual Kyle was taking charge. I’ll need all of you guys there on time and I want you to come dressed in business style clothing. We need to look professional and look like we’re taking this project very seriously.”

What do you think that Dean Sanderson’s going to think about our Ogopogo project?” asked Keesha.

Ryan spat out his coffee when he heard Keesha say, ‘Ogopogo project.’ As there were still a couple of open spaces at Kyle’s table, Ryan signaled for Monique to move her chair to the university students’ table.

Could we join you guys for lunch?” asked Ryan. “We overheard you talking about Ogopogo.”

Sure, come join us.” said Keesha.

Ryan and Monique moved their chairs right beside the group of UBC students. “We should introduce ourselves. I’m Ryan and this is Monique.”

Is Monique your partner or girlfriend?” asked Ian.

I wish,” answered Ryan. This made Monique blush. Kyle and his friends then made all their introductions.

Are you guys students here?” asked Brendon.

No, we’re both here on summer vacation. Ryan’s from Winnipeg and I’m from Montreal. Both our parents are separated so we only come here to live with the other parent during the summer months,” replied Monique.




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