The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart E55


That’s cool,” said Kyle.




So why are you interested in Ogopogo?” asked Jasmine.


Well, I’ve always been interested in cryptozoology. I can’t speak for Monique,” said Ryan.


If I wasn’t interested in cryptozoology before I certainly am now,” said Monique.


Why’s that?” asked Ian.


Because Ryan and I saw the creature yesterday morning,” answered Monique,”


Whoah! You had a close encounter?” asked Kyle.


It wasn’t that close an encounter, but it definitely was an encounter,” Ryan replied.


Okay, give us all the details,” said Keesha.


It started when Ryan and I went out for a jog on a trail that runs along the lake.


What part of Lake Okanogan are we talking about?” asked Keesha.


We were close to Squally Point,” said Ryan.


All right. Go on,” insisted Kyle.


As I was saying we were running along the trail when I saw something weird on the lake. I asked Ryan to stop and have a look where I was pointing,” said Monique.


Well, I stopped jogging and looked over towards the lake,” said Ryan. “There appeared to be a large dark object undulating rapidly. Monique was able to take a couple of photos of it.”


What did you think it was?” asked Brendon shuffling around in his chair.


If it wasn’t Ogopogo I don’t know what the heck it was,” said Monique with a quick swish of her ponytail.


What did you think it was Ryan?” asked Kyle.


At first I wasn’t sure but once I saw its head break the surface I was certain that it had to be Ogopogo,” said Ryan sitting straight up in his chair.


Wow! Have you got the pictures you took with you?” asked Keesha rolling up the sleeves on her University of British Columbia jacket.


We let a local reporter borrow them so that he could get them examined by an expert in photography analysis,” answered Ryan.


Which reporter and from which newspaper?” asked Ian.


Bobby O’Connor from The Kelowna Sun,” replied Monique.



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