The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart Episodes 56 and 57


Episode 56




Bobby O’Connor, the sports writer? That guy’s a drunk. Anytime I go to a hockey game I see Bobby and he’s half in the bag,” said Kyle.


Look, this whole group is going to be doing a research project on Ogopogo. We’re planning to organize an expedition to actually find the creature.”


And I’d love to record an interview with you and see those pictures that you took of the creature,” said Keesha.


We can do that,” said Ryan. “We are wondering. Is there any way we could be of more help to you such as joining you on this expedition?”


You two are keaners, aren’t you?” Kyle said with a laugh. “I’ll tell you what. This whole group has a meeting scheduled with Dr. Lionel Phelge, a marine biology prof and the dean of UBC. The meeting takes place at 11:00 AM Tuesday morning in Dean Sanderson’s office. We’d love to take you guys to the meeting.”


You can count us in,” said Ryan. “Oh sorry, Monique. I haven’t asked you yet?”


Of course I’ll becoming to the meeting,” said Monique.


It’s all settled then,” said Ryan. “Welcome aboard.”




Episode 57:




Ida Rhodes was in the habit of taking her dog, Chloe, for walks along the trails in the evenings. Her walks generally lasted about forty-five minutes along the trails near Lake Okanagon. Ida favored one trail in particular that came close to the edge of the lake. This trail was near Squally Point.


On one particular evening Ida looked towards the lake and saw and heard a great upheaval in the water about fifty meters from the shore. As Ida moved closer to the lake she started to feel terrible chest pains. In a couple of minutes she suffered a fatal heart attack. As she lost her grip on the leash that held Chloe Ida fell into the lake and was soon dragged under by the current.


Chloe jumped into the water making a valiant effort to save her owner but she to went under from the force of the lake. Now both Ida and Chloe were dead.









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