Month: May 2013

What’s Up? by Ken David Stewart

What’s Up? by Ken David Stewart

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. For a while my health was a bit shaky then I stepped up my substitute teaching assignments. I have also been reading a lot and listening to audiobooks. I always like to research new topics and this month I have been researching the SDS and Weather Underground of the 1960’s. I have been reading books by Bill Ayers and Mark Rudd. Both books give an insider’s viewpoint of protest movements during the nineteen sixties.
I haven’t released more episodes from my novel, The Lake Demon for about a month now. I have been reading back what I have written so far and plan to start working on the novel again during the summer or possibly earlier. I have also been reading a few books on computer technology. I find the Dummies book series to be quite helpful. Of course, to get the most benefit from these books one must buy the technology itself and then playing around with it to see what these devices can do. I now own a Kindle Paperwhite, an ipod and an android tablet. I have been having a lot of fun figuring out some of the things these new devices can do.