The Father’s Heart

The Father’s Heart

Some people know that at times in my life I have a strong desire to learn about the Bible and Christianity. For about ten years I only attended church sporadically and during some seasons not at all. For the most part this was because my working life was draining too much of my energy. I didn’t abandon studying the Bible during this period but became very disillusioned about the value of attending church. In November of 2012 I had a detached retina which required surgery. As I was told that I wouldn’t be able to do much physically after my surgery I decided to listen to a CD set of Todd Bentley’s teachings on the supernatural realm. For whatever reason listening to these CDS gave me a strong hunger for giving my spiritual life more time and attention. My interest in the spiritual part of my life has historically consisted of long dry periods with the occasional spiritual splurge that lasts for a few weeks before it fades out. This means that I have spent the majority of my time in the spiritual wilderness. This has often led to times of pessimism and depression.
I am happy to say that in 2013 I have once again started to attend church again with a more positive attitude. Also I have spent a considerable amount of time both reading the Bible and studying books that relate to topics such as healing and the prophetic. My wife and I have recently been listening to Todd Bentley’s revival telecasts via God TV. We have also established the practise of praying together on a more regular and frequent basis. This morning I attended a service at Winnipeg Center Vineyard and felt a very strong anointing. I also came to a last minute decision to attend The Father’s Heart School starting this evening. Although this will cost me some money I am believing for spiritual benefits that will far exceed the financial cost.


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