A Week at The Father’s Heart Conference

A Week of The Father’s Heart

Last week I attended The Father’s Heart School at Winnipeg Center Vineyard. I met some very cool people there. I found that the sessions went too long with not enough ministry time and praise and worship. The individual sessions were largely based around preaching. I thought that the messages were pretty good but dragged on a bit too long. This is just my personal opinion. I don’t doubt that others in attendance were quite happy with the way the school was structured. The central message of the conference was God’s amazing love for us as individuals. This is often a difficult message for Christians to embrace. Some of us have been beaten down by listening to countless sermons on obedience to rules and regulations. I have never found this type of teaching to be beneficial. When I hear this kind of preaching I just feel like walking out of the church.
Fortunately, the messages preached at The Father’s Heart School were all about the love of God. I am grateful that this type of teaching is not foreign to me. My wife and I were exposed to Jim Richard’s teachings on The Gospel of Peace many years ago. This message may be summarized by stating that God is not angry with us due to his finished work on the cross. It is still often difficult to get the message of God’s unconditional love and acceptance for us from the head to the heart. Today, I feel that my awareness on an emotional level of God’s love for me has increased. I think that God was doing some deep internal work in my heart during the conference.


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