The Lake Demon Episode 58

Episode 58 0f The Lake Demon:

After three days had passed the mail carrier became concerned as letters and flyers were starting to pile up in Ida Rhodes’ mailbox. The letter carrier talked to both of Ida’s neighbors on both sides of her cottage. Neither of the neighbors had seen Ida leave her house during the last three days. He asked if this was an unusual situation for Ida and both neighbors reported that the elderly lady usually took her dog for a walk by the lake in the evenings.
The mailman was beginning to worry that Mrs. Rhodes may be dead in her house after suffering a fatal heart attack. He also considered the possibility of foul play. He phoned the local police and they conducted an investigation and came up with one lead. A couple of teenagers had observed an old lady walking her dog on a trail close to the shore of Lake Okanagon. The boys reported that they were on their way to the general store. When they returned from the store about ten minutes later they passed the point where they had seen the elderly woman and her dog. This time they did not see the old lady or her dog.


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