What’s Up? With Ken David Stewart June 15

What’s Up? With Ken David Stewart

I subbed three full days out of five last week. One gig was quite easy while the other two required a fair amount of energy. I’m 61 years old now so theses gigs take a lot more out of me than if I was still in my forties or fifties. I still enjoyed all three gigs even though they were all very different. If I finish a particularly energy charged assignment on one day I’ll often take the next day off depending upon how I feel the next day.
I went out for a ride on my mountain bike on Tuesday. I think I may have pulled a calf muscle during this activity. I just don’t seem to recover from physical exercise like I used to.
I have been reading books on my Kindle e-reader as well as listening to audiobooks on my Polaroid Android tablet. So what else is new? I read and listen to audiobooks practically every day.
What have I been reading this week? The Devil’s Knot by Mara Leveritt and Stephen King’s new novel, Joyland. Both books are very good reads. I became interested in The Devil’s Knot book after watching the 1996 documentary, Paradise Lost, The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills. This is a non- fiction, true crime book that is about how three teenagers were pronounced guilty of murder on very little substantial evidence. Joyland by Stephen King is about a young man’s adventures as a carnival worker and the pain and anguish of unrequited love. I recommend both books.
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