What’s Up for June 17, 2013

What’s Up? June 17

After finishing up my gig at John G. Stewart School today I did something I’d thought about doing for quite a while now. Ever since I became a fan of Motorhead I have watched Lemmy Kilmister play bass guitar. Lemmy has a very unique playing style. I learned the rudiments of playing an acoustic and electric guitar several years ago and have always found the guitar to be a challenging instrument to play. I wondered what it would be like to play bass guitar. So today after work I took the plunge and decided to look at some bass guitars at Marschells on Henderson Highway. As soon as I got in the door of the store I was greeted by one of my students at John Henderson School, a school that I sub at fairly regularly. At first I thought the student worked at Marschells but he told me that he was also a shopper at the music store. I have always enjoyed sub teaching at John Henderson as both the staff and students have always been friendly. Some of them even watch my videos and read my What’s Up? blogs. My picture was recently posted to facebook. It was a very good picture of me and a student and I got a big kick out of seeing it. It is occasions like this that make your year worthwhile.
Anyway, back to bass guitars. One of the sales staff at Marschells showed me a few bass guitars until I decided upon one. I chose a Fender Starcaster in a sunburst color. The sales person was very helpful. He has sold me guitars and amplifiers in the past and I’ve always been satisfied with my purchases at Marschells. I told him that as I have relatively small hands finding a bass where I wouldn’t need to stretch my hand too far was a consideration. Although I have a large powerful Crate amplifier for my guitar the sales staff told me that I would wreck my amp if I used it for my bass. So I ended up buying a small bass amp also as well as a beginner’s instructional guide to playing bass guitar. So now I face the challenge of teaching myself how to play a new instrument. I have found that developing new hobbies and interests over the years has helped keep me young at heart no matter what age the score board may read. When you stop learning you stop living.


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