Episode 62 of The lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 62
Bobby O’Conner recovered his composure enough to make an appointment to meet Harvey Perkins, the fisherman who claimed to have seen Ogopogo today. They agreed to meet at Tim Horton’s at 5:00 PM.
As Bobby got in his car to drive to Mike O’Grady’s apartment he thought that his future as a reporter with The Kelowna Sun might still be salvageable. He had to admit that the witnesses that he talked to today both sounded credible.
At 2:00PM Bobby parked his black Pontiac Grand Am on the street across from Mike O’Grady’s apartment. Mike lived in a run -down inner city area. Bobby made sure that he locked his car before he walked across the street He walked up a flight of rickety wooden stairs to Mike’s apartment. Bobby thought that he could smell the faintly detectable scent of urine in the hall.
Bobby knocked on Mike’s door but it took at least a minute before his friend answered it.
Mike O’Grady has been in a compromised state of health for approximately the last five years. The former photo analysis expert is now sixty-three years old and suffers from both arthritis and emphysema. The fact that Mike weighs nearly three hundred pounds and still smokes as many cigarettes as his lungs can handle hasn’t helped matters. Mike walls with a slight limp and uses a cane to help him get around.
“Have a seat Bobby if you can find one. You may have to move a few books off the couch,” said Mike.
To say that Mike O’Grady’s tiny bachelor apartment was cluttered would be a great understatement. Books, magazines, newspapers, cds and videos were scattered everywhere. Mike’s carpet looked like it had not seen a vacuum cleaner in the last six months.
“Hand over your pictures and I’ll have a look at them,” said Mike sinking into his chair with a loud groan. ”Damn arthritis!”
Mike studied the first picture carefully. He turned the picture around and studied it from several angles. He held the picture close to his face and then moved it about an arm’s length away.
“It’s authentic, all right,” said Mike. He picked up the second photo and went through exactly the same procedure.
“Both pictures are real. They are not touched up nor have they been tampered with in any way,” said Mike.
“How can you be so sure Mike? You haven’t studied the pictures using any of your instruments.” said Bobby.
“I don’t need to, but I will if it will put your mind more at ease. I’ve been doing this type of science long enough to spot a fake just by examining it with the naked eye.”2012-08-27 08-46-05.443


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