The Spiritual Journey

Devotions With Ken David Stewart

The Spiritual Journey Devotions With Ken David Stewart:
I have found that once a person becomes saved, by accepting Jesus Christ by faith into their heart, they have another decision to make. They have to ask themselves the question, “Do we serve a ‘good God’ or a ‘bad God’?” There is and always has been a great deal of theology that teaches that God expects you to strictly adhere to an extensive list of rules and regulations. Interestingly enough, some of these rules and regulations vary depending upon which denomination you subscribe to. This theology basically teaches that if the believer does not obey the rules and regulations of that particular denomination they will be punished by God. They may not even need to do anything bad. God could put a sickness or disease upon them to teach them something. This is what I term the ‘bad God’ theology.
However, I choose to believe the ‘good God’ teaching. In this theology God loves you with an abundance of love that we cannot even understand. He does not ask you to live up to impossible standards. He does recognize sin but has taken care of this through the crucifixion of His Son, Jesus Christ. This does not mean that the believer is able to go out and sin as much as they want. God recognizes the laws of sowing and reaping. I also don’t believe that God puts any sicknesses or disease on us to teach us a lesson. Sickness and disease is from Satan and God’s will is to heal you when you are afflicted.Image6


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