Episode 64 of the Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 64

As soon as Bobby O’Connor left Mike O ‘Grady’s apartment he drove over to Tim Hortons to meet Harvey Perkins, the fishermen who had called him earlier in the day. Harvey spotted Bobby immediately as he came through the coffee shop’s doors. Harvey was a sports fan and had seen Bobby O’Connor’s picture several times on the sports page of The Kelowna Sun
“I’m over here, Bobby,” said Harvey as he pulled out a chair for the reporter.
The two men shook hands. “Please to meet you in person, Harvey. I gather that you have something interesting to tell me and that it has nothing to do with sports,” said Bobby.
“You’re right about that,” said Harvey. “Like I was telling you on the phone, my partner and I spotted an unusual moving object on Lake Okanagon. Two kids, Ryan and Monique saw it also and showed us a couple of pictures they took of the creature.”
“Do you think the creature is Ogopogo?” asked Bobby.
“I’d put money on it. It’s not like anything I’ve ever seen and I’ve been a fisherman a long time.”
“What does your partner think?”
“Henry is skeptical about everything.
“The creature would have to be staring him straight in the face before he’d believe in it.”
“How far way was the creature?”
“About a hundred meters I’d estimate.”
“Would you mind if your story was published in the Kelowna Sun,” asked Bobby.
“That’s fine with me. People can laugh at me if they want but I know what I saw.”default

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