Writing Fiction Is Hard Work


Approximately three years ago i took up fiction writing as a hobby. This is an anomaly in itself. I have read voraciously for most of my life but have primarily read non-fiction. I have always believed that one should have hobbies especially as you get older. As we age we need challenges that will keep our minds active.

At first I plunged into fiction writing with a vengeance. The reality was that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I had some basic ideas for about three different novels floating around in my head. My initial approach was to start out with an opening scene and a few characters. Basically, I was flying by the seat of my pants after that. Other scenes and characters would come to mind and I would write out these scenes. On reading them back I found that it was often difficult to connect one scene to another in any logical type of order. I decided that I would worry about this problem when I finally ran out of good scenes to write about.

This dreaded day finally came when I had my first experience with writer’s block. I decided that in this point of time it might be a good idea to read some books about how authors write fiction. I ended up reading Stephen king’s On Writing, Writing Fiction for Dummies, How To Write a Damn Good Novel Volumes one and two as well as trying out some of Melanie Anne Phillips writing software. Studying this material definitely gave me some in sight into story structure.

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