What’s Up? Summer Edition (Part One)

What’s Up? End of Summer Edition (Part One)

This has been quite a challenging summer. I was really looking forward to the holidays and for about the first three weeks things went according to plan. I got more time to do the things I wanted to do. When I’m doing sub teaching during the year I often find that I don’t have the energy for my hobbies. I have a variety of interests including spending time with my wife, reading books and listening to audio books, practising my guitar and bass, blogging, going to the gym, riding my mountain bike, listening to music, computers and assorted electronic devices and writing fiction. I may have missed a few hobbies but I can always get to that later. For the first three weeks in July I got to do all these things.
Then a series of very negative events happened. I went to an appointment with my optometrist to find out if a new prescription for my glasses would help with my eyesight. Near the end of 2012 I had surgery to repair a detached retina in my left eye. The surgeon told me that I had waited too long to get the surgery and that I would never get my complete eyesight back.
After doing many tests on my eyes my optometrist confirmed the surgeon’s prognosis. She also found that I have cataracts in both of my eyes. We discovered that getting a new prescription for my eye glasses would have little if any effect upon my present state of vision. The best I could do was to buy large magnifying glasses to help with my reading. As I read voraciously the magnifiers did prove to be useful.


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