What’s Up? Summer Edition (Part Two)

What’s Up Summer Edition (Part Two)
In the last episode of my non-fiction life I wrote about issues with my eyesight. During the summer I also had serious issues with my computer. I am very addicted to my computer so it was somewhat a disaster for me when it crashed. My computer’s crash was fatal. Fortunately, I took out an extended warranty when I bought it. My policy has been to purchase an extended warranty for anything that could result in expensive repairs or the need for replacement if they stop working. I have found this to be particularly important if one is buying electronic, technological items.
Fortunately, I had a back- up plan. As it took over a week for my computer to be serviced I needed a reasonable facsimile at home. A few months ago I purchased a couple of android tablets and had copied my books and music to the devices. Now, about the only thing I couldn’t do was write during the waiting period. Like I often say, I love technology when I can get it to work properly.
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