Episode 79 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 79:
“I want to hear more about your grandfather another time but I see that the nurse is signalling for us to come inside,” said Garry.
“Yeah, next time you want to go for a smoke come find me in my room, 109. I think that we will be having some interesting conversations,” replied Wally.
Garry walked back to his room glad that he had made a friend. He sat alone in his room for a few minutes pondering his conversation with Wally.
Shortly after this he heard a knock on his door. It was Todd Finlay.
“Sorry for the interruption, man, but the guy down in emergency was freaking out pretty bad. I see that you finished all your supper. They must have forgot to send up your desert. It was apple pie and ice cream this evening. If you want I can go down to the kitchen to get you one. They usually have food left over,” said Todd.
“No thanks Todd. I’m pretty full from my supper,” answered Garry.
“Should I open your window now?” joked Todd.
“Not just yet,” Garry laughed.
“The receptionist told me you went out for a smoke break while I was gone,” said Todd.
“Yeah, I did,” said Garry taking a sip from the remainder of his coffee that had now turned cold.
“Was anyone out in the court yard with you?” asked Todd.
“Yeah, a guy named Wally Standfield.”
“Good. Wally’s an interesting guy. He likes to talk doesn’t he?”
“Actually, talking to him cheered me up a bit.”
“I’m glad to hear that,” said Todd putting his yellow legal pad on the desk in Garry’s room. He also took out his favorite silver Cross pen.
“I have to take a few notes on my clients when I have interactions with them. I enter some of them in the shift log book and some stuff I use for my case notes on my clients,” said Todd moving a chair closer to Garry’s desk. “It’s all part of my job.
If I don’t write them down immediately I’ll probably forget what we talked about an hour from now.”

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