Episode 80 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 80:
Todd Finlay finished up his interview with Garry. It was getting late and Todd could see that Garry was getting very tired. Todd picked up his yellow legal pad and pen and wished Garry a good night’s sleep.
The next morning Garry was awakened by the day shift nurse, Shelly Grover.
“Sorry to wake you up so early Garry. I’m Shelly Grover, one of the day shift psychiatric nurses. How did you sleep?”
“Very well. I probably could have slept a few more hours yet,” answered Garry.
“I know. It sucks but we have to give all the patients on the ward their morning meds starting at 7:00 AM. You happened to be third on my list of rounds,” said Shelly.
As Garry took a handful of meds he took a big gulp from his Styrofoam cup of water. “I wonder what cocktail of meds Dr. Weisenthall has come up with for me,” Garry wondered.
“I should have a chance to visit with you sometime this morning Garry. Right now I have to wake everybody up and give them their meds. I’ll see you later today. Do you want to get yourself a coffee and then go out for a smoke?” asked Shelly.
“Yeah, that sounds like a plan to me. I’m still feeling a bit groggy,” Garry replied.
“I think your friend Wally is out in the courtyard right now.”
“My friend, Wally. Word sure does get around fast here.”
“I just read about it in the log book when I started my shift,” answered Shelly. “It’s standard procedure.”
“Wow, I’m impressed. This place is run very efficiently, isn’t it,” Garry noted.
“Indeed it is. I think you’ll find the help you’re looking for here Garry,” said Shelly as she left Garry’s room.
“That’s good to know,” replied Garry.

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