Episode 82 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 82:
“So back to your grandpa. How old was he when he retired from the Fisheries Department?”
“Seventy-two years old. Grandpas would never say that he retired though. That was the official party line story but it’s not what really happened,” said Wally. Old Winston would tell you that he was forced to retire. You see the government had wanted to get rid of him for several years,” answered Wally.
“Why was that?’’ asked Garry.
Wally laughed. “It will cost you three more Marlboroughs and about an hour of your time to find out.”
“You really like my Marlboroughs, don’t you?” asked Garry.
“Yeah, I like the taste of them and it’s the brand that my hero, Lemmy Kilmister smokes. You can’t buy them in Canada. I don’t know why,” said Wally.
“I don’t believe it. Another similarity. We both like Motorhead,” said Garry. “And I suppose your favorite drink is Jack Daniels mixed with Coke?”
“What else? Except they don’t let us have any alcohol around here. Apparently it doesn’t mix too well with the medications they give us.”
“Well, I’ve got enough of your favorite cigarettes to keep you talking for an hour. So let’s hear more about Winston Standfield,” said Garry buttoning up his navy blue windbreaker.
“We’ll have to postpone story time until the afternoon,” said Wally getting up from the bench. “Group starts in five minutes and it’s mandatory for all patients on the ward. We have it twice per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.”

Picture 16


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