Episode 84 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 84:
“Group is more like traditional group therapy. Both Dr.Weisenthal and Shelly are there to direct traffic. It’s sort of like a free form, stream of consciousness “How are you?” type of meeting. The point of it is to get us to work on some of our issues.” answered Wally.
“Does it work?” asked Garry.
“Who knows? It usually makes for some interesting sessions though,” Wally answered. “Occasionally someone will have a meltdown. That’s basically the reason Dr. Weisenthall and Shelly are there.”
“How about classes? How does that work?” asked Garry.
“It’s sort of like school. At times it feels like a cool alternative school and at other times like a university seminar,” said Wally.
“You’ll see what I mean in a few minutes. Group only lasts for about forty-five minutes and then we can go out for a smoke break.”


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