Episode 83 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 83:
“You have classes as well as group here?” asked Garry.
“Yeah, group is more along the lines of group therapy. Wally opened the wrapping on a chocolate bar that he had bought at the hospital canteen.
“I can’t go without my mid- morning snack,” said Wally. “That’s probably why I’m so fat.”
“You aren’t that fat,” said Garry trying to keep the conversation on the positive side.
Wally laughed out loud. “You are too kind my friend. I used to be in great shape when I was a teenager. At that time of my life I used to play hockey, football and baseball. I’d also go to the gym to lift weights.”
“Why did you stop?” asked Garry.
“Well, at a coffee shop near my high school I made friends with some stoners. They seemed to like me and soon I was going over to their houses and going to their parties. They were stoners to the core and smoked grass practically every day. In a short time, I picked up on their habits. The more weed I smoked, the less motivation I had for sports. My weight also started to climb because marijuana gives you the munchies. A short time after I got sick and was diagnosed by a psychiatrist as having schizophrenia.”
“You said that they have classes here too. What’s the difference between group and classes?” asked Garry.

Picture 17


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