A Really Rough Season (Part One)


A Really Rough Season (Part One)

Up until about the third week of July I was enjoying a really good summer. The weather was very warm and I was starting to get into some of my summer routines with activities like riding my mountain bike and taking our dogs to the dog park. In June I had bought myself a bass guitar and had determined that I was going to teach myself to play it. I was quite motivated to learn to play bass as I was always curious to see if it might be better suited to my somewhat limited musical abilities than a regular guitar. My musical prowess is quite limited. I have practised regular guitar (both acoustic and electric) off and on for several years now. At times I have found my lack of progress to be quite discouraging. I know quite a few guitar chords. I can play both cowboy chords and barre chords. I also know a decent amount of common guitar scale patterns. However, I have never been a proficient guitar player and just practise for my own enjoyment. This hasn’t stopped me from buying an impressive library of guitar tablature books. I have at least one tab book for most of my favourite musical artists. For some artists I have collected tab books for several of their albums. If I can get even a part of a song to sound right I’m fairly happy. I go through periods where I practise several times per week and other times where my guitar remains untouched and just collects dust.

Taking up the bass has also motivated me to practise my guitar on a more regular basis. Even though I bought a less expensive lower end model I like hearing the deep, low resonant sounds created by the bass guitar. I have even purchased a good selection of bass tablature books to work from. My practise sessions are now about an hour long in which I practise bass chords and scale patterns and work from my bass learning resources and from my bass tab books.




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