A Really Rough Season (Part Two)


A Really Rough Season (Part Two)


Near the end of July my wife told me that her mother was seriously ill. Once we found out that this was a terminal illness I found myself sinking into a deep depression. It wasn’t long before my mother in law passed away. It was during this time period that I also caught a bronchitis infection. This illness made my depression worse and lasted for about a month. During a majority of this time I was confined to my bed and was missing out on the warm summer weather outside. In this time period I started to experience extreme shifts in my sleeping patterns. I started waking up at 2:00 AM and could not get back to sleep. As it was the middle of the night and my wife was sleeping there wasn’t much that I could do.

I knew that one thing that I could do quietly was to work on my writing. I had been working on a serialized version of my recent novel, The Lake Demon. For some reason I find that I do my best writing in the early hours of the morning. The writing sessions also gave me a diversion and a degree of relief from my grief over the loss of my mother in law. I felt very close to my mother in law. She is a great woman of God and could always see the good both in people and difficult circumstances. We enjoyed several good talks over the phone and I always greatly appreciated the grace and acceptance that she showed toward me.

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