Episode 89 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart


Episode 89:

“Okay, you said earlier that your grandfather claimed to have seen Ogopogo,” said Garry.

“That’s what he claimed,” answered Wally.

“All right. Where was your grandpa and what was he doing when he had his sighting?”

‘Man, you really are interested in this cryptozoology stuff,” Wally commented.

“I come upon it naturally. My father is Dr. Lionel Phelge, the marine biologist. He is really into all that stuff. Sasquatch, the Loch Ness monster, Ogopogo, you name it. He downloaded the whole History Channel collection of Monster Quest videos,” answered Garry.

“Okay. That explains it. To answer your question my grandpa, Winston, was out in a boat one sunny afternoon hoping to learn something about the underwater plant life in Lake Okanogan. He brought a diver along who he outfitted with an underwater camera. Gramps was hoping that his diver would find some colorful specimens of plant life near the bottom of Lake Okanogan. As the diver was shooting the video, old Winston could watch him on the laptop he had on his boat. He also had a microphone hooked up to the diver so that he could communicate with him.”







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