Episode 90 of The Lake Demon by Ken David Stewart

Episode 90:

Winston was taking a sip of his coffee when he looked at the screen of his laptop and saw a cloud of dust surrounding the area where his diver was supposed to be. Gramps became very worried and spoke into the microphone connected to Cody’s, “What’s happening Cody? I can’t see you?”

“I can’t see anything either. One second I saw this snake like head about ten metres away from me and the next thing I knew I couldn’t see anything. The water became clouded over by sand dust. I’m on my way up,” answered the young diver.

In less than two minutes   Cody was seen surfacing. Gramps helped him onto the boat.

“How are you doing, son?” asked Gramps.

Cody stood there trembling for a few seconds and then slumped into a chair.

“It was horrible Winston. I saw a creature down there that shouldn’t be there. Judging by the size of its head it’s probably huge. I’ll tell you this. There’s no way I’m going back down there for a second look.”

“I understand son but I need to know exactly what it was you saw,” said Winston helping Cody out of his diving gear.

“I saw something that looked like the head of an anaconda. It’s eyes looked red and were bright like headlights. I only got a glimpse of it but that was enough for me. Oh, man I think I shit myself while I was down there.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, son. You just got the scare of your life,” Gramps told Cody.

“Damn rights. I’m going to have nightmares about this for months,” said Cody.

“Unfortunately, you probably will. Do you want a smoke?’’

“Yes, please. Do we have any cigarettes on board?” asked Cody.

“ I always keep a spare pack in my desk drawer on the boat. For emergency situations only,” Gramps told him.

“Well, I’d sure call this an emergency. After I have my smoke I’m going down to the lower deck to get cleaned up.”

“Sure thing. Take your time. I only want you to tell me one thing. Do you care if I tell my supervisor about your experience?”

“Go ahead. He’ll just laugh. He’ll think that we’re trying to pull his leg.”

“Most likely. But while you’re getting yourself settled I’m going to write up an incident report and I’ll need you to sign it too.”

“No problem, Chief, but I’ll say it again. Your boss, Ray Hartley, is not going to take this seriously.”

“That’s probably true but I do,” Gramps answered.









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